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Cynthia Billops On JEDI/OSC’s CEO Action Initiative

It can be lonely at the top. Here’s how One Step Closer (OSC) — a network of purpose-driven, values-aligned CEOs within the natural products industry — is helping executives stay connected to what matters most: their people and purpose.


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You might all come together as CEOs and tackle the trucking issue or the shipping issue, but we want to make sure that it isn’t really just logistics — that we’re having these larger conversations about building toward a renewable, regenerative, non-extractive relationship between our organizations and everybody in the world we live in.

The CEOs that make up our membership tend to come together under OSC because they’re already thinking about these things. We’re building a series of vehicles for these conversations to happen.

Our CEO Action Initiative offers a focal point to talk about a particular, emergent theme that is topical. Our CEOs want to harness the power of individuals who are having different thoughts, experiences, and inputs than them so that we can grow their businesses forward together.

We want to make sure that we are bringing in people who have a variety of inputs and ideas and are able to innovate in ways that we have not yet thought about.

And if we’re talking about attracting the best and the brightest from anywhere then, maybe virtual work environments are going to have to be a regular new thing because maybe the best and the brightest don’t live in California, or on the East Coast. Maybe they don’t even live in the United States.

Finding different ways to access talent is key.

And then once you have that talent, you need to make sure that they feel empowered and that they feel agency to be able to bring new ideas forward.

So that’s where we get into the soft skills — that’s when we discuss ways to engage your team and how you, as a leader, can make connections that encourage innovation so that your company has a successful trajectory.

There are multiple layers of work and coming together with other people who want the same thing and who are trying a variety of different things is a great way to jumpstart the thought process, spark ideas, and offer a sense of safety and security.

At the CEO level, you’re pretty much alone. There’s loneliness there. You’re surrounded by people who, because of the inherent power of your position, are probably less likely to disapprove of a bad idea.

The peer group is also incredibly useful for self-management, self-connection, and feeling like you can be wrong — like you can throw an idea out there and not have it have these devastating consequences.

Interested in learning more about the program and how you can become involved? Reach out to Impactful Search®‘s Executive Director Rhonda Taylor via email here.

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